A kiss

The 2 Week Diet

a kiss

The issue is, whether I kissed you, I don’t think I’d have the capacity to stop.


Blaire Collins has a revile.


A revile that passes by the name of ungainliness.


In spite of being sure and striking, she tumbles over everything without exception; regardless of whether it’s furniture or air, Blaire is relatively positive that nobody can beat her with regards to her endless humiliation of being a clod.


In this way, when her purported ‘revile’ makes her stumble onto River Knight, the institute’s most extravagant understudy, and wind up locking lips with him, Blaire is totally humiliated and is certain that whatever is left of her life will wind up with her delving herself into a gap and failing to come out.


All things considered, a kid like him is certain to take each risk he can get the chance to humiliate her over the occurrence, isn’t that so?




Rather than doing what a great many people would do, River chooses to become a close acquaintence with the ungainly yet sure young lady.


What’s more, incidentally, he understands that possibly another kiss with her won’t be so terrible.

“This story is stunning. Your written work grabs everybody’s eye from the simple first word. Your plot is exceptionally unique. I adore how this story is a humor one and not only a straightforward high schooler fic. I snickered in each and every part, even the genuine ones in light of the fact that Blaire is remarkable, and is constantly her insane, wry, awkward self and that is the thing that I adore about her.”


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