Teenage Love

Teenager love

I’ve heard such a significant number of stories where guardians discover that their high school child/little girl is dating somebody. At that point they constrain their tyke to separate. Well we can’t point the finger at anybody for that. This is another age. What’s more, even i’m a young person however I feel that the word LOVE is being abused by high school spirits like me. Indeed, even I have abused it commonly yet now I know the importance of LOVE. I know the significance of TEENAGE LOVE.

I had gone to Goa for a football competition. We came back with glad recollections. It was my last competition that I played for my school. I was moving to Chandigarh for multi year. I had only multi month left in Mumbai and I needed to appreciate all aspects of it. I went during that time to play football with my companions. There I met a young lady. Her name was Aman. We knew each other as of now. She was only a ‘Hello there BYE’ companion. In any case, that night changed my life.

We burned through 2 or 3 hours together. She turned into an extremely pleasant companion. Also, she fulfiled my desire of making the most of my last month in Mumbai. I had a great time with her. It was MAY and it turned into my most loved month. I began having affections for her. In any case, I realized that I was going and I ought not date her. So the most exceedingly awful day of the year at last came. twelfth June.

I exited every one of my companions and educators. I cleared out Aman. I went to Chandigarh and began another life. Ofcourse I was in contact with her yet at the same time I missed her to such an extent. I returned to Mumbai for seven days to observe New Year.It was decent gathering every one of my companions once more. It was decent gathering her once more. I delighted in alot. I invested such a great amount of energy with her. I couldn’t quit considering her. She was all around. I knew I was enamored. I knew this was my last possibility.

And after that came fourth December,probably the greatest day of my life. We met at 6 early in the day and I at long last proposed her. What’s more, I will always remember the way she replied,”I LOVE YOU TOO SOHIL.”

My heart softened. Their were butterflies in my stomach. I cherished her to such an extent. And after that we embraced. The best embrace of my life. So tight,so warm thus long. At that point I needed to abandon her for more 3 months. Be that as it may, I knew things had turned out to be vastly improved in our life now. We cherish each other to such an extent. We weep for each other when we miss each other. We in some cases converse with each other for 4 hours on telephone.

I just can’t sit tight for the day I get the chance to be in her arms once more. I cherish her to such an extent. This is TRUE LOVE. This is TEENAGE LOVE.



At the point when Susann saw Matthias Steiner, an Austrian weightlifter, amid a challenge on television, she instantly ended up keen on him. She was so resolved to meet the competitor that she continued approaching the Correspondents for his contact subtle elements for so long until the point when they at long last gave in. When she had his email address, she reached him and they both consented to meet each other. It was all consuming, instant adoration and the two wedded not long subsequent to meeting out of the blue.

The youthful weightlifter moved for his significant other to Germany and connected for the German citizenship. He was so infatuated with her that he likewise guaranteed her that he would multi day bring her an Olympic award. Matthias Steiner was resolved to satisfy his guarantee, yet things came in an unexpected way. In 2007, his excellent spouse Susann passed on in an auto collision. It was an unfathomable catastrophe for the young fellow. However, he recollected what he had guaranteed his better half. It was the guarantee that propped him up through this troublesome time. He turned out to be determined to the point that he was at long last chosen to end up some portion of the German Olympic group at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Amid the challenge, Matthias Steiner was looked with amazingly difficult contenders. He had three weightlifting endeavors yet flopped in two. Seeing his odds of regularly achieving the platform reducing, he put all that he had left into the third and last endeavor. What’s more, it just so happens, he figured out how to lift the unimaginably overwhelming weight, which won him the Olympic gold decoration. The scene when he was granted the decoration was broadcaste to a great many watchers all around the globe and Steiner basically couldn’t encourage himself however broke out into tears while holding a photo of his better half into the cameras.





In the wake of the Roman Civil War that followed Julius Caesar’s assassination, Mark Antony and Cleopatra became entwined in a passionate romance that eventually resulted in marriage and two sons. When an alliance between Octavian, Caesar’s heir, and Antony broke down, the following battle ended with separate suicides by Antony and Cleopatra, as well as the Roman annexation of Egypt, ending pharaonic dynasties for good.

After the death of Julius Caesar in 43 BC, three men took charge of Rome as rulers – Octavian, Lepidus and Mark Antony. Two years later, Antony reached out to the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, to test her allegiance to the new government. The torrid affair that followed would end up changing the course of history.

Quickly charmed by Cleopatra’s beauty and intelligence, Antony spent the winter at her side in Alexandria, ensuring some of her political enemies were eliminated along the way. She would give birth to twin sons, Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene II the following December, after Antony had returned to Rome.

A few years later, while on his way to conquer Parthia, Antony stopped in Alexandria again – and would call it home for the rest of his life, despite the presumed protest of his Roman wife, Octavia Minor (his co-ruler Octavian’s sister). He and Cleopatra were soon married according to Egyptian tradition and would have another son, Ptolemy Philadelphus, in 36 BC.

After nearly a decade of discord, Octavian and Antony ended their uneasy alliance in 33 BC. The Roman Senate, wary of Cleopatra’s ambitions after seeing her seduce a string of the Empire’s most powerful men, agreed to allow Octavian to wage war on Egypt. Three years later, after defeat at sea and a full-scale desertion by his armies as his enemy invaded, Antony committed suicide.

Unable to bear the thought of being without her beloved king – or perhaps less than impressed by the idea of subjection to complete Roman rule – Cleopatra is said to have pressed an Egyptian cobra to her chest, so that its venom might pass into her heart and kill her as quickly as possible.

History has taken a fairly cynical view on the pairing of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. For her part, most view her as a beguiling temptress bent on expanding her own authority over the region. In a similar manner, he comes off as a foolish man tempted and controlled by her sensuality.

The reality was likely somewhere in between. Both of them, despite popular belief, were driven by a desire to maintain their high status – he as a member of the Second Triumvirate ruling Rome and she as, eventually, the last pharaoh of Egypt. Their relationship, regardless of its romantic interplay, was one of mutual benefit politically: had Octavian’s armies and navy been turned away, it is very possible the Western world would have developed according to Egyptian tradition instead of Roman.

In the end, though, most remember them as a pair unwilling to live without each other. For some, however, their romance is regarded as a cautionary tale for couples drunk with power attempting to conquer the world together instead of ruling with a measured, just han.





It was a wonderful summer evening. Della was speeding her bike to achieve home after educational costs and we as a whole knew why. Truly! She was infatuated at a young age of 14 years. An understudy of eighth and more youthful of the two girls in the house, Della was a spoiled tyke. John was his name. He was a senior who went to Della’s neighborhood play area ordinary for a ball game.

This was Della’s just opportunity to get a look at her perfect suitor. John knew nothing about Della and barely paid a look to the window inverse the field where Della stood and watched him affectionately. She would hover over John and he had no idea about it. Days passed, months flew and Della couldn’t express her adoration to the man of her life. One day John quit going by the field. Della got restless and needed to discover where was he.

Be that as it may, she didn’t know how to. She took help of her neighbor who additionally played in a similar field and was a companion to John. He educated that a portion of his companions had moved to an alternate city and John was one of them. Della was sorrowful. She demanded her family to send her to a similar city for advanced education without telling the genuine reason. After endless influences too her desire did not work out as expected. She surrendered to her destiny suspecting that she should overlook John. Destiny notwithstanding, had distinctive plans. Della and her family moved to a greater city. She proceeded with her examinations yet could quit contemplating John. Four years had passed and meeting the adoration for her life was only a fantasy.

Della joined the college and made companions yet she couldn’t deny the void inside her that frequently shouted so anyone might hear when she was distant from everyone else. Della by one means or another couldn’t lose the plan to meet John again and this time, disclose to him how she felt. One day her neighbor called her telling that he was in the city and was remaining at a companion’s place. He said that he was remaining at John’s place, who worked in a similar city.

Four long periods of pause and now there was John once more in a similar city, stimulating the expectations, watering the dried soul that wanted for one look of him. Only one! Della was excessively energized, making it impossible to arrange for how to influence John to think about her sentiments or rather venture out taking his number. This is the place companions help. They asked her to come up with a rationalization and get John’s contact number. After a few endeavors this was finished. As days passed, Della would simply gaze at the contact number yet never call him.

Her companions needed to now make this adoration struck woman to call him. They requesting that her send him an instant message by botch. The oversight was a ponder one however, it worked ponders. John reacted to it and this is the means by which Della began conversing with the adoration for her life. She met him following a year. John had begun to look all starry eyed at her too not knowing the way that she had sat tight yearn for this fantasy to work out as expected. After a concise romance they got hitched to each other. Della’s hold up was justified regardless of the exertion. Her adoration had the enchantment, which charmed John as well.



At the point when a youthful understudy of a Catholic Church asked her instructor about the purposes behind what good reason she chose to wind up a religious sister, her educator disclosed to her an endearing romantic tale. Numerous years prior, when she was at a comparable age, the instructor (we should call her Ms. Patterson) became hopelessly enamored with a young fellow originating from a well off family. The two started seeing each other and immediately built up a profound association with each other. Tragically, the young fellow’s family was not in the least in concurrence with the relationship. They even debilitated to enlist their child at a college abroad and far away. As Ms. Patterson originated from a poor foundation, she couldn’t in any way, shape or form have stood to run with him around then. This implied on the off chance that they needed to proceed with the relationship, they would be isolated from each other on the off chance that they needed or not.

Be that as it may, they both had fallen so enamored with each other that completion the relationship – regardless of how – was impossible. Thus, they chose to flee. In extraordinary mystery, they arranged their escape and set these plans without hesitation when the young fellow’s family at last got some answers concerning it. Yet, rather than rapidly returning back home in the wake of fleeing, the two never returned. They joined the congregation, took heavenly requests and started venturing to the far corners of the planet for different philanthropic missions. The two put in 40 years voyaging and even got hitched, in the blink of an eye before the man’s life arrived at an end.

5.Make up Guy


Dave is a make-up craftsman who consistently holds cosmetics creativity classes at the neighborhood junior college. Typically, the greater part of his understudies are moderately aged housewives who need to adjust their cosmetics aptitudes. Yet, this one time, he held a class that was gone to by man too. The new understudy was a man of honor in his greatest years with an apparently unlimited enthusiasm for cosmetics creativity. He was quick to learn as much as he could and wouldn’t stop until the point when he was happy with the consequence of his work.

Justifiably, the man was the main subject of discussion when the other ladies were distant from everyone else. Hypotheses immediately began to spread. Is it true that he was maybe a transvestite? For what other reason would he go to such a class? The junior college was set in a preservationist country zone, which is the reason alternate members were very far fetched of the man’s expectations.

All through the exercises, the man deliberately tuned in and composed everything down he learned. At the point when the day and class were gradually arriving at an end, the external participants basically couldn’t conceal their interest any more. When they at long last asked him for what valid reason he was so keen on cosmetics creativity, he gave the most moving lovely answer:

He stated, “You know, my darling spouse somewhat lost her visual perception in light of diabetes. She’s not any more ready to apply her cosmetics. I believe she’s completely lovely, much more so without cosmetics. She knows this and I reveal to her consistently. Be that as it may, the thing is this,… she basically feels not great leaving the home without make-up. She never went outside without wearing any cosmetics up. Seeing the affection for my life like this makes me extremely miserable. So I chose to take this course to astonish her! I would prefer just not to figure out how to apply her cosmetics; I need her to wear the most wonderful make-up so her internal magnificence likewise sparkles outwardly.”