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I’ve heard such a significant number of stories where guardians discover that their high school child/little girl is dating somebody. At that point they constrain their tyke to separate. Well we can’t point the finger at anybody for that. This is another age. What’s more, even i’m a young person however I feel that the word LOVE is being abused by high school spirits like me. Indeed, even I have abused it commonly yet now I know the importance of LOVE. I know the significance of TEENAGE LOVE.

I had gone to Goa for a football competition. We came back with glad recollections. It was my last competition that I played for my school. I was moving to Chandigarh for multi year. I had only multi month left in Mumbai and I needed to appreciate all aspects of it. I went during that time to play football with my companions. There I met a young lady. Her name was Aman. We knew each other as of now. She was only a ‘Hello there BYE’ companion. In any case, that night changed my life.

We burned through 2 or 3 hours together. She turned into an extremely pleasant companion. Also, she fulfiled my desire of making the most of my last month in Mumbai. I had a great time with her. It was MAY and it turned into my most loved month. I began having affections for her. In any case, I realized that I was going and I ought not date her. So the most exceedingly awful day of the year at last came. twelfth June.

I exited every one of my companions and educators. I cleared out Aman. I went to Chandigarh and began another life. Ofcourse I was in contact with her yet at the same time I missed her to such an extent. I returned to Mumbai for seven days to observe New Year.It was decent gathering every one of my companions once more. It was decent gathering her once more. I delighted in alot. I invested such a great amount of energy with her. I couldn’t quit considering her. She was all around. I knew I was enamored. I knew this was my last possibility.

And after that came fourth December,probably the greatest day of my life. We met at 6 early in the day and I at long last proposed her. What’s more, I will always remember the way she replied,”I LOVE YOU TOO SOHIL.”

My heart softened. Their were butterflies in my stomach. I cherished her to such an extent. And after that we embraced. The best embrace of my life. So tight,so warm thus long. At that point I needed to abandon her for more 3 months. Be that as it may, I knew things had turned out to be vastly improved in our life now. We cherish each other to such an extent. We weep for each other when we miss each other. We in some cases converse with each other for 4 hours on telephone.

I just can’t sit tight for the day I get the chance to be in her arms once more. I cherish her to such an extent. This is TRUE LOVE. This is TEENAGE LOVE.

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